Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Wonderful Name of the LORD - Psalm 8

Psalm 8 is only nine verses ...yet says so much!

The Wonderful Name of the LORD

Our Lord and Ruler,
         Your name is wonderful
                  everywhere on earth! 💕

You let Your glory be seen
        in the heavens above.

With praises from children
       and from tiny infants,
            You have built a fortress.
It makes Your enemies silent,
       and all who turn against You
             are left speechless.

I often think of the heavens
        Your hands have made, 💕
              and of the moon and stars
                    You put in place.

Then I ask,and
       “Why do you care
                about us humans?
                      Why are you concerned
                              for us weaklings?”

You made us a little lower
          than You Yourself,
                and You have crowned us
                        with glory and honor.

You let us rule everything
          Your hands have made.
                 And You put all of it
                       under our power—
                              the sheep and the cattle,
                                    and every wild animal,
                                          the birds in the sky,
                                               the fish in the sea,
                                                     and all ocean creatures.

Our LORD and Ruler,
         Your name is wonderful
                   everywhere on earth! 💕

Contemporary English Version (CEV)